Monday, September 17, 2007

The editorial page board of the Kansas City Star is an embarrassment

What a bunch of clowns. The gall of these people to just flat out lie to their readers. Either that or they've done no actual research about a subject which has been at the forefront of Missouri politics for a couple of years.
Amendment 2, passed by Missouri voters in November, protects all scientific research allowed by federal law and clearly bans human cloning.

But a newly formed group is pushing for a constitutional amendment that would ban a form of stem-cell research called somatic cell nuclear transfer. It involves creating new cells in a lab dish, and using them to study diseases and potentially develop cures.
It clearly bans human cloning but not the cloning technique known as somatic cell nuclear transfer. Okay? It's amazing how these editors seem to believe their readers are unable to go to Google and type in "somatic cell nuclear transfer."

The editorial's "cells in a lab dish" language mirrors the "cells in a lab dish" language on the web site of Missouri's pro-cloning organization named the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures. You'd think these professional editors would be able to come up with an editorial on this topic without cribbing talking points nearly word for word from their state's pro-cloning group. If you read the page linked above you'll likely notice a couple of other points of congruence between the Kansas City Star's editorial and the web page of the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures (for example - the word "clearly").

What I think I love more than anything is the labeling of somatic cell nuclear transfer as a "form of stem cell research." SCNT has been unable to create a single human embryo from whom stem cells have been successfully extracted. Not one. No human stem cell lines from SCNT yet these jokers claim it's a form of stem cell research.

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