Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life Links 9/26/07

Here's another update from Aurora via the Chicago Tribune.
Aurora zoning law requires a special-use permit for a non-profit medical clinic. To acquire such a permit, the applicant must schedule a public hearing, notify property owners within 250 feet of the proposed building and advertise the hearing in a local newspaper, Ergo said.

None of that happened in this case.
Planned Parenthood attempted to avoid these requirements by creating the for-profit Gemini Office Development.

Instead of correcting the long list of health violations at their clinic, Alternatives (an abortion clinic in Atlantic City, New Jersey which has been closed for months) has decided to surrender their license. The numerous violations, "including bloodstained operating tables, expired drugs and the absence of a sterilization sink," were found when the health department visited the clinic for the first time in six years.

I wonder what Ann Friedman's rationale for the horrible conditions on the inside of this clinic would be? Maybe the clinic invested so much money on "actual medical care" they weren't able to afford cleaning supplies and a sterilization sink.

Researchers have used bone marrow stem cells to help treat rats with liver failure. This research happened in Massachusetts but the papers which I've seen carry the story are either in the UK or India.

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