Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life Links 9/13/07

Jill Stanek posts a video of Stephanie Gray from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform discussing the prolife view and some typical objections to it.

Here's a long article about the Genocide Awareness Project's display at Middle Tennessee State University and the conversation between the students and GAP volunteers. There's also mention of a pro-choice chant I hadn't heard before - "Get your ideology off of my biology!" I don't think it's quite as catchy as "Get your rosaries of my ovaries!"

Some pro-choice members of the clergy in the Chicago area got together to support Planned Parenthood's Aurora clinic. The article relays the same horrible religious pro-choice arguments we've heard before including the one which says denying women the right to have abortions is denying their moral standing.

Australian researchers have found what appear to be stem cells in women's endometrial tissue. They believe the discovery of these cells might eventually (at least 10 years) help them treat a variety of gynecological problems.

Eggs, eggs, eggs. Researchers in England are partnering with a fertility clinic to offer women a 50% discount on in-vitro fertilization if they agree to donate half of the eggs retrieved from their bodies for human cloning research. The BBC article fails to note that the cloning research doesn't produce stem cells, it produces cloned human embryos.

ABC News has a long article on human-animal hybrid cloning in Britain.

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