Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What not to say to someone who is still dealing with post-abortion feelings

Gosh, this makes me sick. Just Another Alias shares her feelings of being empty and having nothing to say goodbye to and hold onto about 10 months after her abortion. What does her doctor tell her?
Some medical scientists believe that the soul doesn't enter the body until birth, or even many months past birth.
Maybe this doctor should focus on treating his patients and maybe consider trying to find a professional for JAA to talk to instead of jumbling together a bunch of poor pro-choice talking points. I would love to see the reference to the "medical scientists" who believe the soul enters the body when the child emerges from the birth canal. Another quote from the doctor she shares makes me wonder if he should be let anywhere near newborn children.

I wonder if this doctor would say the same kind of thing to a woman who lost a child to miscarriage or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and was still struggling with her feelings 10 months later.

Any comments left on JAA's blog should be made out of love.

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