Friday, September 08, 2006

Stop my abortion

WARNING: According to Naaman - the blogger at the site below has put a photo of male genitalia in the most recent post.

is the blog (link removed due to above warning) (language warning) of an exceptionally crass individual who claims to be a 20-year-old pregnant woman who will have an abortion on October 19 unless prolifers pony up $40,000. She claims she'll post photos of her aborted fetus after her abortion.

Her first post which occurred on April 18th says, "Either click on the paypal link on the side of this page and give what you can, or I'm going to get this fetus scraped and sucked out of me in six month's time."

Now I find this blog interesting in how it shows how ignorant some vehement pro-choicers are, especially the person running this site, regarding abortion. At six months, abortion procedures don't suck and scrape unborn children. They typically dismember them.

Another thing this individual doesn't seem to understand is how much an abortion at 6 months would cost. While she claims to be a poor and now unemployed bartender who can't afford a child, how does she expect to come with around $2,000 or so for an abortion at 6 months?

She also doesn't seem to understand that her claim she could receive an abortion on October 19 undermines the typical pro-choice assertion that abortion is illegal after six months of pregnancy except in rare cases. If her doctor told her she was pregnant a week before April 18 (as the first post claims), that means the starting date of her imaginary pregnancy would probably have to be in at least late March meaning that she would be at least nearly 7 months pregnant by October 19.

Not surprisingly, whomever this disturbed individual is, she is a fan of Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon.

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