Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Life Links 9/19/06

The Story of Emmie-Rose is a blog created by the parents of a little girl born at 23 weeks who is currently alive even though doctors said she had only two days to leave two weeks ago. The family has taken the hospital to court to force the hospital to provide Emmie-Rose with blood transfusions and a "nutritional formula that includes fat and protein instead of just sugar and salt."

HT: Wesley Smith

William Saletan discusses how pre-implantation genetic diagnoses continues to be used to screen for more and more genetic "flaws" including sex and an arthritis gene.

Robert Hayes: Being Prolife and Meaning It

The Illinois Supreme Court is finally going to put Illinois' decade old parental consent law into effect by "issu(ing) rules to govern how minors could seek waivers in special circumstances."

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