Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life Links 9/21/06

Choose life plates have been given the go ahead in Ohio after the ACLU dropped it lawsuit.

Serge: What are they afraid of? "Educational forum," my rear.

Look at the differing takes on the same adult stem cell experiments from Forbes, The Los Angeles Times and then the Associated Press (via the Washington Post).

Those who read the first two stories will probably come away with the belief that these stem cell treatments resulted in significant improvement in two of the three experiments and that patients could "continue to improve with repeated stem-cell treatments" while readers of the AP story will probably come away with the conclusion that adult stem cell research doesn't work well and we need embryonic stem cell research.

I wonder how the AP and writer Mike Stobbe would have written about these experiments if the researchers had used embryonic stem cells. Maybe a headline something like this?

"Embryonic stem cells show the amazing ability to partially repair the human heart!"

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