Monday, September 18, 2006

Life Links 9/18/2006

A couple from Portland, Maine, have been arrested after kidnaping their 19-year-old daughter and planning to force her to have an abortion. Apparently, the parents disapproved of the unborn child's father.

There's a long story in the Washington Post from Reuters on sex-selection abortions in India including descriptions of a incident where officials discovered the remains of a number of aborted children in pits and the story of the poor man who had the unenviable task of removing them.
Over the next few hours, he removed the remains of scores of unborn babies from two deep pits, an experience he says he will never forget and one which leaves him struggling for breath at night and unable to enjoy the company of friends.

Dr. Diane Blaine describes her role in taking a relative to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Even though she's a Ph D philosopher, Blaine can't understand why prolifers would be opposed to her relative having an abortion.
That child is not ready to have a child. Maybe she'll never be. So how can anyone who cares about the wellness of women insist that she bear one at this time?

Of course, this assumes Blaine's relative didn't already have a child (regardless of whether she was ready or not) growing in her womb.

Blaine also mentions that her mother had an abortion and that "abortion has been crucial in (her) own journey"

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