Friday, September 08, 2006

ACT's Stem Cell Experiment Redux

Roger Pielke on Advanced Cell Technology's embryo experiments.
Less tongue-in-cheek, and more significantly, what has been completely overlooked here is the complete tactical blunder by ACT, Nature, and the general media in suggesting that in order to be "ethical" stem cell research should not destroy embryos. The acceptance of this point basically legitimizes the central objection to such research advanced by stem cell research opponents.

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Michael Fumento also provides some commentary on ACT's stem cell scam:
But ACT propagandist, er, uh, ethicist Ronald Green leapt to the company's defense. "The approach does not harm embryos; the experiment did," Green insisted. (Right. And "I didn't kill the victim;" the shooter said, "the bullets did!") An utterly unrepentant Lanza tossed off the backlash criticism as merely indicative of how politicized stem cell research has become. Now there's something he knows about.

Lanza has always been more salesman than scientist, constantly inveighing against the federal funding restrictions that restrict the growth of his bank account. Yet the media treat him as an impartial source on all things stem cell. Welcome to the world of ESC "science" – about 10% research and 90% hype.

Wesley Smith provides a transcript of an interview for Nature's podcast where ACT's Robert Lanza shows how deceptive he is.

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