Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Protesting those "deceptive" clinics

In the Worker's World, there's an article by members of a pro-choice group DANFORR (Detroit Action Network For Reproductive Rights) about DANFORR's recent protest at a pregnancy care center in Detroit named Pregnancy Aid.

They describe Pregnancy Aid as "grossly misnamed" because they aren't a medical facility. I was unaware that every aid given during pregnancy had to be medical. What's also interesting here is that pro-choice organizations often attack pregnancy care centers by claiming they try to pass themselves off as abortion clinics yet Pregnancy Aid doesn't seem to be the name any abortion clinic would ever use.
The oppressed communities of Detroit have been particularly hard hit by unemployment, budget cutbacks and racist attacks, making the presence of the “Pregnancy Aid” center especially insulting.

Those evil prolifers!!! How dare they insult us by trying to provide free services to pregnant women in communities hit hard by unemployment and budget cuts. The unimaginableness of it all. Helping pregnant women who want to carry their pregnancies to term by providing them with free maternity clothes, baby clothes and other baby supplies. The nerve!!
Many U.S. states, including Michigan, are now closer to banning abortions altogether—a trend supported by both Democrats and Republicans, with few exceptions.
Just in case you didn't think these people were crazy enough. Anyone who thinks Democrats support banning abortion altogether "with few exceptions" can hardly be described as being a rationale, much less intelligent, human being.

I also think the caption under the picture is telling: "Women say they need a real health clinic." If they're referring to more abortion clinics, Detroit already has plenty of those and women in Detroit unfortunately have large numbers of abortions. In 2005, Detroit's abortion rate was 22.4 per 1,000 women aged 15-44 compared to the state's rate of 11.6.

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