Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I am scientist, hear me roar

The NY Times has a long article (registration required) on embryonic stem cell research and altered nuclear transfer. It talks about things that prolife bloggers have discussed before but it includes a quote that enlightens me to the enormous ego of Harvard stem cell researcher Doug Melton:

In the meantime, Dr. Melton says he takes umbrage at ethicists and lawmakers telling scientists what to do. "I liken it to people saying, 'Why don't you generate limbs?' " he said. "It's a bit odd for bioethicists to dictate the progress of science by saying, 'Why don't you do this?' Why don't they come to the lab and work for several years and try to do it?"

In others words, "Science shouldn't be constrained by the bounds of morals or laws. If you can't do breakthrough work in stem cell research, you can't have a valid opinion or thought on whether or not the research should be taking place."

After reading the article I also get the impression that Melton and other researchers see human eggs as more valuable than human embryos.


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