Monday, April 20, 2015

NARAL Colorado has bad tweet of the day but for different reasons than you think

(Updated: The Crimes Against Pregnant Women is a bill that already passed)

Below is a tweet from NARAL Colorado

To your average prolife observer (including myself) this tweet from a NARAL affiliate comes off as being opposed to the "Crimes Against Pregnant Women" legislation.  The first thing that comes into a prolifer's head is "What?  Those crazy pro-aborts are now opposed to harsh penalties for people who attack pregnant women and kill their unborn children."

Except it's not. After the horrific attack on Michelle Wilkins and the tragic death of her child and the lack of homicide charges for that death, Colorado legislators have introduced legislation to criminalize actions which result in the death of an unborn child.

Prolife legislators have introduced the Offenses Against Unborn Children legislation which includes the unborn as persons for homicide and assault charges and makes exemptions for abortion and actions the mother takes against herself.

Pro-choice legislators already passed the Crimes Against Pregnant Women legislation which made various crimes against pregnant women that result in the death of her child to be felonies of differing classes.  For example, the unlawful termination of pregnancy in the first degree is a class 3 felony.  It's a class 2 felony if the mother dies.

For pro-choice groups, the unborn child can never be the victim.  For them, if a woman is attacked and her unborn child dies, there is no homicide. There is just an attack on the mother. 

So NARAL Colorado's tweet is attempting to say that Colorado shouldn't pass the Offenses Against Unborn Children legislation because the Crimes Against Pregnant Women is already on the books but does so in such a muddled way that it leaves readers with the impression NARAL Colorado opposes harsh penalties for ending pregnancy against a mother's wishes when they don't.

NARAL Colorado also didn't respond to any of the numerous tweets asking about their tweet/position.  If you don't clarify quickly, your lack of response seems like an indication you believe what people think you believe.  That's social media 101.    

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