Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Life Links 8/20/14

Newsweek has a long article on Lila Rose’s and Katie Stack’s respective undercover trips into abortion clinics and pregnancy centers. 

What’s really interesting to me is how Katie Stack (who appeared on MTV’s No Easy Decision) now describes her abortion.
Stack describes her choice to terminate a pregnancy, which she did in college, as “empowering” and says it aided her in “adapting a feminist framework” that led to her investigations. “It was the first time I felt like I had any control over anything, having that abortion,” she says. “I’m happy with my abortion. People get uncomfortable when I say my abortion was a good experience, but it was.”
During the No Easy Decision program in 2010, Stack cried on at least two occasions and mentioned how she had difficulty being around her newborn nephew after the abortion.  At that time, she also said she viewed abortion as a "parenting decision" because she acknowledged her child as “a baby.”   

That’s doesn’t sound empowering to me.  Only in pro-abort La-La Land is staying in a hotel room because you can’t imagine seeing your newborn nephew equal "empowering." 

After the airing of the No Easy Decision program, Stack then tried to start a pro-abortion version of Live Action called The Crisis Project which hasn’t had quite as much success.

Martin Haskell’s abortion clinic in Sharonville is dropping their appeal.  They’ll stop performing surgical abortions on Friday.  They apparently plan on trying to stay in business by offering RU-486 abortions. 

“Intellectual” Richard Dawkins told someone that bringing a child with Down Syndrome to birth is immoral. 

An abortion clinic in Alabama which couldn’t meet safety standards at its current location has been given the permission to relocate.

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