Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life Links 7/16/13

Rich Lowry on the abortion extremism of Texas Senator Wendy Davis:
Davis likes to say that fewer than 1 percent of abortions in Texas take place the 20th week or later, without realizing how that damns her own case. By her own admission, she is not willing to give up even 1 percent of abortions. Nationally, opponents of the 20-week prohibition cite the same 1 percent statistic. Even if it is accurate — and no one can know for sure — that means 8,000 abortions a year after 20 weeks.

The New York Times is getting two writers for the price of one with David Leonhardt.  He writes:
About 60 percent of Americans favor access to abortion in the first trimester (or first 12 weeks) of pregnancy, but close to 70 percent think it should be illegal in the second trimester, according to Gallup.
Then later in the same article:
Perhaps the best weapon of abortion rights advocates is their opponents' extremism. The Texas bill, for instance, would close most of the state's abortion providers and ban the procedure after 20 weeks, without exceptions for rape or incest. A clear majority of Americans support such exceptions, as well as those for the health of the mother, polls show.                    
So 70% of Americans think abortions should be legal in second trimester but prolifers are extreme for backing a bill which would make late second trimester abortions illegal?  He noticeably doesn't link to any poll showing a clear majority of Americans favoring exceptions for rape and the health of the mother after 20 weeks.

Buried deep in the Washington Post article on the closure of the NOVA abortion clinic in Virginia show more than clinic regulations is effecting this clinic.
In addition, the filings said, NOVA clients had been seen regularly inside the building "lying down in corridors . . . and, in some instances, even vomiting." One filing said witnesses would testify that this was a daily occurrence.

Also, the apparent transfer of ownership interest from Mi Yong Kim to Taehyun Kim, which Eaton Place alleged was a full transfer, would have constituted an illegal sublet of the fifth-floor office space, the suit said. These issues constituted violations of NOVA's lease, Eaton Place alleged, asking that the tenant be declared in default. Eaton Place's lawyer, Sean Roche, declined to comment.....

In April, Eaton Place sued NOVA in Fairfax General District Court for failure to pay $95,000 in back rent. In June, NOVA agreed to pay the back rent and surrender the space, court records show.

In India, 4 people have been arrested for kidnapping a teenager and forcing her to have an abortion. 
According to API Walmik Patil of Palghar police station, Sandeep Balwant, 36, a resident of Jiwdani Nagar of Palghar East was in a illicit relationship with the girl from the same locality following she became pregnant.

Balwant then threatened the girl into silence and forcibly took her to Vaishali Nursing Home and got their child aborted, the complaint by the victim's mother said.

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