Tuesday, May 14, 2013

North Carolina closes NAF abortion clinic, cites "imminent danger to the health" of clients

The state of North Carolina has closed A Preferred Women's Health Center in Charlotte after an investigation. 
The 12 page report from DHHS spells out several alleged violations committed at the clinic.

The report says the clinic presents an "imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of the clients," and alleges employees administered medications improperly, lowering the effectiveness.
A Preferred Women's Health Center in Charlotte is a National Abortion Federation affiliated clinic. 

A couple of negative CitySearch reviews indicate a the kind of treatment women received there. Also notice the fake recommended reviews.  Interestingly, I found other recommended reviews of other Preferred Women's clinics (this one in Georgia) from similiarly named users with basically the same review. 

Here's a review from Yelp from a different Preferred Woman's Clinic in Raleigh might provide some more insight into how these clinics are run. 
When asked how long it would take, was told the dr was reviewing my chart but no update after that. Finally, around 12:15pm, was given the shots and cleared to leave. The nurse administering the shots was preparing the bandaids to be applied by opening the wrapper and then attaching the sticky side on to the counter, which was then put on to my skin after the shot ( in hind sight, I should have said something but was too traumatized then).

The staff was dismal. Obviously the HIPAA law does not matter to this clinic. All the patients are made to sit in this row of chairs in the hallway, with others sitting there. Staff will sit next to you and ask questions that they fill out, in normal tones so that everyone else sitting there can hear - I knew the women sitting next to me were 9 weeks, 7 weeks pregnant, whether they had STDs or not, when their last periods were and other details like that. There was one woman who was being asked the questions by the ultrasound tech, and she said " I am so scared". The ultrasound tech, in a very dismissive tone, told her " you will be all right" and continued right on with the questions. The tone was not soft, complete apathy was displayed with some brusqueness.

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