Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Life Links 9/4/12

Meghan Clyne in the Weekly Standard on the "War on Women" rhetoric.
In the meantime, a perceptive observer may notice a curious thing about this "war on women." It is based entirely on one set of policies: those pertaining to women's reproductive systems. By the Democrats' logic, to oppose abortion on demand and taxpayer-funded contraception is to be "anti-woman." Womanhood is thus defined by the desire for unrestricted abortion and free birth control; women themselves are reducible to ovaries.

It was once permissible in American politics to view women as incapable of concerns beyond childbearing—but not in this century. And in addition to insulting women's intelligence, this approach may well backfire. American women are active, thoughtful citizens; their political concerns are focused on the future of their nation, not the cheapest and easiest way to shut down their reproductive tracts.

Politico on Dems abortion strategy: Win the abortion debate by never mentioning abortion.

Democrats think they've figured out how to win the abortion debate: Don't make it about abortion.....

But don't expect them to focus on abortion — or even necessarily use the word. Instead, they'll defend President Barack Obama's record on reproductive health and reproductive rights. And, as they have before, they'll accuse GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his party of waging a "war on women."

Here's another retired abortionist who isn't making any sense. New Jersey's The Record has an article in which retired abortion Robert Livingston speaks up about his history of performing illegal abortion and then ridiculously claims he is now uncomfortable talking about abortion (as he is giving an interview to a paper about abortion and his history as an abortionist) because of the stigma and ominous environment. The Akin controversy magically left him bursting to talk.

In Great Britain, a man has been arrested for killing his former girlfriend after he found out she had an abortion and was seeing another man.
It was alleged that the day before her death, Mr Lowe - who used Facebook under the name Ian 'Boom Boom' Lowe - wrote on the social networking site: "Need a weapon out of the armoury to shoot the bitch."

Then, on the day of her killing, the jury was told that he posted another message saying: "Just to let everybody know, Leanne has aborted the baby.

"She did not tell me or even give me a say in the matter."

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