Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Florida woman to be charged after putting baby in dumpster

A Florida woman named Alexandria Sladon-Marler appears to have given birth in a hotel room and then dumped her son in the trash. The child was found dead. Police say they will charge her with homicide when she's realized from the hospital.
A Fort Lauderdale woman is under investigation in connection to a newborn found dead in the trash, police said Monday.

"Officers arrived at the hotel and subsequently located an infant's body in an exterior dumpster," Fort Lauderdale Police Det. DeAnna Garcia said.

Someone wrapped the child in a towel and placed him in a pillow case before dumping him with the trash, Det. Garcia explained.....

Detectives said doctors found Sladon-Marler still had an umbilical cord attached when she was treated. According to physicians, the manner in which it was severed matches the umbilical cord found attached to the child.

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