Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amanda Marcotte fails again

In her latest Slate piece, Amanda Marcotte attempts to attack Lila Rose and Live Action's possible Planned Parenthood sting by arguing that sex-selection abortions aren't an issue in the United States.

Does she examine any of the relevant data which shows an imbalance in the sex ratios in Asian families with second and third children when the first child is a girl?

Nope. That would require actual junior high level research. And effort.

No, instead she uses elementary school level reasoning.
Last time, she was trying to prove that Planned Parenthood is involved in sex trafficking. Now she's trying to accuse them of fueling a social problem that doesn't even exist: sex-selective abortion. Even though Rose hasn't released any of her no doubt misleadingly edited videos, the presence of women in Planned Parenthood clinics claiming that they wanted abortions only if their fetuses were female tipped the organization off that there's another sting afoot. Marinate on that for a moment, if you're eager to believe that Planned Parenthood is part of some nationwide anti-girl conspiracy. If they were routinely---or even occasionally---handing out sex-selective abortions, they wouldn't figure out so quickly that they were being targeted by a sting. The only reason the sting operation is sticking out is because sex-selective abortions aren't actually a thing that people are doing, not in the U.S. And certainly not through Planned Parenthood.

So Marcotte's "reasoning" is that sex-selection abortions can't be happening even occasionally in the U.S. because one abortion provider, which has been harmed by previous undercover stings, believes they may have been visited by another undercover sting involving people pretending to want a sex-selection abortion.

Marcotte never seems to think that maybe after the rather large sex trafficking dust-up, Planned Parenthood may have implemented different reporting systems which encourage employees to share with their supervisors any patients who could have controversial requests and then these supervisors examine the requests for a pattern.

Marcotte also never seems to understand that the vast majority of women having sex selection abortions probably aren't bringing it up with their abortion provider voluntarily.

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