Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unintentionally hilarious quote of the week

This one comes from Kellie Quinn in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian:
"Embryos and fetuses are humanized by this sort of political movement, and it does not help that movies and television often reinforce this stance. "
She's referring to the "humanization" of embryos and fetuses which are in fact human.

Is this what pro-choice arguments have come to? When prolifers point out how pro-choicers often attempt to de-humanize the unborn, they respond by saying prolifers humanize them.

Well, duh, they're human.

Which is a reality even Quinn seems to recognize later in her piece:
Why are we seeking to remove rights from fully developed humans for the purpose of granting additional rights to humans that do not have much, if any, brain processing yet?

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  1. Considering how little brain processing Quinn seems to have, she's walking on thin ice.ul