Thursday, October 06, 2011

Abortion advocate Katie Stack and her friends agree crisis pregnancy centers don't help women, thousands of women helped by CPCs disagree

The New York Times has published an editorial attacking crisis pregnancy centers by Katie Stack. Stack is an abortion proponent who was one of the two post-abortive women who appeared with Markai Durham in a post-interview segment of MTV's No Easy Decision special. Stack was the woman who began crying after explaining how she went to a hotel after her abortion so she wouldn't have to go home and see her sister's baby. During the special, she also said she acknowledged her child as "a baby" and saw her decision to abort as a "parenting choice."

The editorial has the kind of reasoning I used in junior high (me and my friends all think it's true, therefore it must be true).
Since then I've talked with dozens of women, including my best friend and my younger sister, about their own experiences with these centers. Regardless of our views on abortion, our conclusion about crisis pregnancy centers is the same — they don't help women.
Yes, no women have ever been helped by the approximately 3,000 CPCs across America because an abortion advocate and her friends agree. No woman has ever received diapers, baby food, prenatal care referrals, etc. Come on.

I guess Katie at least knows her audience. Only someone whose sole knowledge of CPCs comes from the New York Times and Planned Parenthood mailings would believe that.

I also seriously doubt the veracity of this claim.
My sister fully intended to raise her own son, who is now 2, but when she was pregnant and went to a center for advice, all she got was a lecture about the joys of adoption and a pamphlet on eternal salvation. She had to turn to Planned Parenthood to receive any actual prenatal health care or referrals.

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