Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pro-choicers noticing Cecile Richards can't defend abortion

At the RH Reality Check, Antoinette Bonsignore provides her thoughts on Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards refusal to defend her organizations abortion services in a recent interview with Rachel Maddow.
During the Cecile Richards interview, I thought there could be a thoughtful discussion about the further de-legitimization of abortion and the onslaught of extreme anti-abortion state legislation around the country. Instead, Richards remained steadfast in her defense of Planned Parenthood's non-abortion related services. The current political climate leaves anyone who is fighting for Planned Parenthood's survival with no other choice but to downplay the abortion services. The GOP has forced pro-choice advocates into an untenable position. Pro-choice organizations must and do defend abortion rights. But how does someone like Richards do that while still protecting the millions of women that seek out Planned Parenthood for vital health care services each year? Sadly, the toxic political climate has made it next to impossible for Planned Parenthood defenders to even discuss abortion rights in any meaningful manner......

During that interview, I noticed that regardless of how much Maddow pressed the issue of the importance of abortion and how this fight over Planned Parenthood was being waged with abortion as the weapon Richards did not and quite frankly could not directly engage in the discussion.

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  1. Suzeliesg11:35 AM

    They know their time is coming to an end. People just don't accept the "it's not a person" line anymore.