Monday, July 26, 2010

Life Links 7/26/10

At the RH Reality Check blog, Robin Marty recounts what occurred at a pro-choice panel discussion at the 5th Annual Netroots Nation conference. It's amazing how down pro-choicers like Kate Michelman are considering Obama's in White House, both houses of Congress have Democratic majorities and another pro-choice woman will soon be seating on the Supreme Court.
Michelman, who was with NARAL for two decades, responded with fury to recent developments to eliminate abortion coverage altogether from the high-risk insurance pool. "How are we going to protect our fundamental rights if we allow our friends, our so-called friends to undo those rights? This week the administration took aim at the most vulnerable of Americans. Excuse me! This is from OUR friends?"

According to Operation Rescue, two of abortionist's Stephen Brigham Pennsylvania abortion clinics won't be allowed to performed abortions anymore but two will stay open after he transferred the ownership to "Rose Health Services," a newly created business in which he supposedly has no controlling interest. An update notes that the two clinics not allowed to perform abortions hadn't been performing abortions recently and may have just advertised that they did in order to funnel business to Brigham's other clinics.

A young man in India has been arrested after allegedly forcing his girlfriend to get an abortion.

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is trying to decide if he will allocate the necessary resources towards defending Nebraska's abortion health screening law.

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