Friday, May 28, 2010

Life Links 5/28/10

The New York Times has an editorial rather one-sided article on ultrasound legislation.
Staff members interviewed at three of the seven abortion clinics in the state estimated that 30 percent to 70 percent of women chose to see ultrasound images. But they said it was uncommon for women to be dissuaded.

It had happened occasionally, they said, when a sonogram revealed a multiple pregnancy or when a woman was already deeply unsure about her choice.

But a number of women at the Birmingham clinic, which was the site of a fatal bombing in 1998, said they simply did not want to subject themselves to images that might haunt them. “You almost have to think of it as an alien,” said Carmen, 28, who was there for her second abortion in three years.

Two self-described "prochoice feminists" warn about the untold risks of egg donations and fertility treatments.

A court in South Korea has ruled that frozen human embryos aren't life forms and therefore can continued to be killed for research or disposed of if they are no longer wanted.

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  1. If it's going to freak her out to see the ultrasound before the abortion, how will she cope when the learns about the fetus she killed after it's dead and it's too late to change her mind?

    Short sightedness.