Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"But facts are irrelevant."

Everysaturdaymorning is the blog of a Louisville-based abortion clinic escort who chronicles the events outside the clinic where he volunteers. He recently traveled to Bellevue, Nebraska to spend time protesting Operation Rescue's protest of abortionist LeRoy Carhart's clinic.

I've always thought it takes at least a little bit of willfully suspending reality to be a such a big abortion advocate. Everysaturdaymorning shares this following gem which reminds me why it's difficult to believe anything abortion clinic escorts write.
This is OpRes’ “Truth Truck” but the only thing accurate about that is the “truck” part. The pictures are doctored composite pictures of still-born fetuses at 12 weeks gestation. And “Abortion is an ObamaNation.” Really? Abortion rates went down under pro-choice Clinton, skyrocketed under Bush’s abstinence only sex-ed, and are now falling again under the pro-choice Obama administration. But facts are irrelevant.
First, anyone who has spent anytime doing any research on the claim that abortions rose under Bush, knows it's a ridiculous myth which was put forth by Glen Stassen during the 2004 election and then quickly dismantled.

Second, how on earth could anyone know that abortions are now falling under President Obama? I'm not aware of any state which has a quarterly report of abortion statistics available. In Michigan, annual abortion statistics are released usually at least 6 months after the end of the year and that's a lot faster than some other states. I think the CDC's latest abortion report is for 2005. I believe the latest Alan Guttmacher Institute estimates are also for 2005.

You seriously have to be delusional to think that there is some confirmed evidence that abortions are falling under Obama. What policy has even be enacted by his administration in the last half year which could feasibly lower the number of abortions, especially during this economic downturn?

Remember this ridiculous, evidence-free assertion about abortion statistics is coming from someone who has spent 10 years as an abortion clinic escort. This issue is obviously something he cares about very much. His blog, with embedded videos, seems to show that he is at least somewhat computer savvy.

Yet he can't take a few minutes to do any basic research about abortion statistics.

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