Thursday, August 20, 2009

“Abortion isn’t always pretty.”

Actually, it’s never pretty.

Here’s one for the “Those images of aborted fetuses are fake” or “Those images of aborted fetuses are disgusting” response file.

At the Abortioneers blog, one abortion clinic worker discusses her excitement to work in pathology (examining the remains of aborted children) and her thoughts on pro-choicers who don’t like graphic photos.
Anti-choicers hold up posters of what I see in pathology. Even though their photos are larger than life, I'm not bothered by them. But I know so many pro-choicers who are, and honestly, this rubs me the wrong way sometimes. On the one hand, I know fierce pro-choice advocates who would never watch open-heart surgery on the Discovery Channel, so why would they really want to see this other aspect of surgery? On the other hand, my stubborn brain wonders why they must yell at the protesters, "That's disgusting! Why would I want to see that!?" Because I'm pretty sure that's exactly what the antis are going for. They're all about discomfort and the wrong kind of "humanity." Even if you're not as comfortable around fetuses as I am, why advertise that the protesters' techniques might be working, on some level? Abortion isn't always pretty. I'm one of the few (I say that not self-righteously--sometimes, I wonder if I should force myself to be a little bit uncomfortable.) who is able to counsel AND to assist the doctor in the OR. The less glamorous side of choice is not for everyone, but freedom and an amazing clinic staff and empowered clients are beautiful.

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