Monday, July 06, 2009

Life Links 7/6/09

Algerian singer Cheb Mami has been sentenced to five years in jail for his role in an attempted forced abortion.
During his testimony, Mami expressed remorse and pleaded for the woman's forgiveness.

He broke down in tears and admitted to making a "serious mistake" but said he did not love the woman and felt "trapped" when she told him she was pregnant.

"I was ashamed to have an illegitimate child. A child should be born from a union. I didn't want this child," he told the court.

Mami blamed his former manager Michel Lecorre - who is known as Michel Levy - saying he was behind the plot to force the woman to have an abortion.

"I was in a panic and I agreed," he said. "I did nothing to stop him."

Abortionist Alberto Hodari has been fined $10,000 by the state of Michigan after the death of a woman at one of his clinics.

In another example of pro-choice intolerance, a man who dropped his girlfriend off at Planned Parenthood pointed a gun at a prolife protestor who gave him a pamphlet.

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