Monday, April 20, 2009

Planned Parenthood Memphis caught covering up statutory rape

Another month goes by and Lila Rose and Live Action films has released another video of Lila posing as a minor claiming she's been impregnated by an older man. Their press release sums up the Planned Parenthood counselor's actions.
The Planned Parenthood counselor tells Rose on camera, "Look, if we keep this conversation I'm gonna have to talk to my manager and yeah, [your boyfriend]'s gonna get in trouble," but promises, "I'm not gonna tell anybody, ok?" She adds, "And please don't say that I told you this." When Rose tells the counselor she thinks her boyfriend will get in trouble if her parents find out, the counselor advises Rose to lie about the man's age when speaking to a judge in order to obtain a bypass of Tennessee's parental consent law for abortion: "Don't mention it. Just say you have a boyfriend 17 years old...whatever."

"The Planned Parenthood counselor hears about the abuse, says she should report it, decides to remain silent, then tells me to lie to the judge about 31-year-old man." Rose notes of the video.

The video is here.

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