Thursday, July 31, 2008

How about less than thoughtful?

In a post entitled “Call me biased....” Feministe guest blogger and Planned Parenthood employee KaeLyn writes,
but I just can’t wrap my mind around anti-choice rhetoric. I am fairly skilled at seeing both sides of most complex social issues and I even try to give credit to those that oppose my view if their reasoning is sound, but anti-choice stuff…I just don’t get it. I completely understand why a person could be morally opposed to abortion and why someone might choose to call themselves “pro-life,” but how anyone can be politically opposed to safe, legal abortion and reproductive health services?
This isn’t a issue of being “biased” but an issue of not being able to actually understand and thoughtfully consider the prolife position.

How can someone claim they “completely understand” a prolifer would be opposed to abortion but not understand why they think abortion should be illegal?

Only if they really don’t understand (as opposed to understanding but not agreeing with) why someone is prolife and opposed to abortion.

If you “completely understand” the reason for being prolife and the thinking behind it, you should know prolifers morally oppose abortion for the same reason they think it should be illegal - because abortion is an act where an innocent human being is intentionally killed.

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