Friday, July 20, 2007

Abortionist compares having an abortion to an angel getting its wings

A Daily Kos diarist with the handle Beket, who also claims to be an abortionist in Texas, provides a script of a conference call he uses to deal with the informed consent law in Texas.
If you hear the same beeps I hear, they are kind of like in that old movie "It's a Wonderful Life," in which every time a bell rang an angel got his or her wings. Every time you hear a beep another woman joins the call – in a way gets her wings. Really. It might seem far-fetched to some of you, but for many a woman the experience of having an abortion is much more than just a medical procedure. It's often one way of claiming her wings – her wings of independence – taking charge of her own life – summoning up from inside herself the courage to claim her freedom from the old oppression of the past. It is about nearly every thing in our culture that has to do with anything. It is about life – death – sex - power – religion – God – right and wrong – family. An unplanned pregnancy challenges a woman to look at everything – her hopes and her dreams, her relationship choices, her ideas about family and career, her plans for the future. For many women abortion can be a transformational experience – one where she actively chooses what she wants for her life - one where she is in charge. One in which she is "born again."
The empowering experience of having an abortion, eh? So empowering patients can't ask questions of the physician (instead you get a session with an abortion clinic counselor) because he doesn't have the time. Paying $400 to have someone (who you've probably never met before) forcibly dilate your cervix and vacuum out your unborn child doesn't sound that empowering to me.


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