Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Governor Granholm using a state web site to promote her political agenda

In a sad display of political posturing, Governor Jennifer Granholm is using the web site of Michigan's government to promote her political agenda, take a cheap shot at President Bush and Republicans in general, and encourage visitors to lobby government officials on behalf of intentionally deceptive bills which would legalize human cloning for research and killing human embryos for research.

Visitors to's homepage are greeted with a call to "Speak Out in Support of Stem Cell Research!" They are then told that President Bush "used his first-ever veto to stop the discovery of new treatments and cures for injuries and diseases including juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's and spinal cord injuries."

Besides being misled down the path of false hope unencumbered by reality, uniformed readers would have no clue that Bush's veto stopped the expansion of federal funding on new embryonic stem cell lines. The term "embryonic" just doesn't appear. They would also be unaware that the legislation Granholm is lobbying on behalf of (visitors are encouraged to sign an online petition to the Republican leaders of the Michigan House and Senate) would make it legal to clone and kill human embryos for research purposes.

The online petition also leaves me wondering where the names and addresses end up. Granholm's political mailing list perhaps?

This type of political propaganda belongs on the governor's re-election campaign web site not on a web site owned by and designed for the people of Michigan. Using the state's web site for political gain and lobbying purposes is downright slimy.

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