Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So that's what qualifies her to be Planned Parenthood's Vice President

Have you ever wondered what Vanessa Cullins did before she become Planned Parenthood's Vice President of Medical Affairs and starting answering questions on Planned Parenthood's web site?

While looking up some information on partial-birth abortion for a friend I reacquainted myself with Dr. Martin Haskell's presentation to a National Abortion Federation conference on second trimester abortions via National Right to Life's web site. The PDF file also contains the Table of Contents for this prestigious killing strategy seminar and guess who was also there to help her fellow abortionists learn how to destroy human life more effectively?

None other than Vanessa Cullins. Cullins discussed the "Medical Induction" abortion technique. This abortion technique involves the induced early delivery of a child. Chemicals such as digoxin or saline may or may not be injected into the child or the amniotic sac before the induction of delivery.

According to the Clinical Policy Guidelines (pg. 21) of the National Abortion Federation, one of the main concerns with second trimester abortions performed by medical induction is the "possibility of a live birth." They advise that "the use of fetocidal agents may be beneficial" to avoid "potential medical and legal consequences."

I wonder if Cullins used "fetocidal agents" or if she risked having children being born alive.

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