Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Big Media screws up on stem cell research again

Last week in Newsweek, the magazine let their favoritism of embryonic stem cell research show as they made up a position from the archbishop of Denver regarding stem cell research. The response from Chaput is here

"Life is full of surprises, and I had another one this week. It turns out that the archbishop of Denver believes that "supporting stem cells is a sin." It must be true because I read it in Newsweek magazine. Except it isn't.

On the same day, one of Denver's local dailies informed me that "in another foray into politics," I had accused "Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards of lying about the potential curing power of embryonic stem-cell research."

In fact, I didn't name any candidate, any political party or even the location of the remarks I highlighted. The candidate is immaterial. So is the political party. But the issue, for Catholics and the culture at large, is vital. What I actually said this week - and what I've said many times before this election year - is the following:

"We do know that stem cells from adults and umbilical cords do show great promise and already have applications in therapy. The church has no objection to such stem-cell research. In fact, she supports and encourages it.

"The problem with embryonic stem-cell research comes down to this: We need to kill the embryos to do the research. The fact that developing human beings don't 'look human' is irrelevant. So are their size and their stage of development. They're still human, and left to their natural growth, they become thinking, feeling adults with hopes and moral purpose - exactly like the rest of us."

Did Newsweek honestly listen to Chaput or just decide that because he was against embryonic stem cell research that he was some kind of religious nut? Do they not understand the difference between adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research? Stem cell research was their cover story with the death of Christopher Reeve yet they can't honestly describe the position of those opposed. Their short apology featured in the letters section after a short letter from one of Chaput's representatives is too little too late.

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