Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Life Links 1/8/13

NY Times article on pregnancy centers ends with this:
Amanda Hall met Care Net's definition of "abortion-vulnerable." Twenty-five, pregnant with her second child, her husband in jail, she was facing eviction.

Although uncomfortable about abortion, she checked "undecided," saying, "I can't support two kids."

Care Net let her stay in a house Ms. McGregor owns, found her a job, negotiated debt payment plans, offered Bible study and other classes. She gave birth in March.

"Everybody here," she said, was "like a different family."

A Tennessee woman has been arrested for a DUI-child endangerment.  The child being endangered was her unborn child.
Maria Guerra was driving in a car by herself when she crashed on I-240 Sunday morning just south of Walnut Grove. Her blood alcohol content was only half the legal limit, yet, she is charged with DUI-child endangerment with a child under 18 because she told an officer she is four months pregnant.

Memphis police say Guerra smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on her feet, and had bloodshot eyes.

In the UK, the Daily Mail reports that doctors are asking a judge to allow them to abort the child of a mentally impaired women.  They claim the woman's pregnancy combined with her sickle-cell disease is threatening her life. 

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