Monday, January 14, 2013

Jeremiah McCloud, abortion survivor

A Muskegon woman said she paid Dr. Robert Alexander $320 for an abortion in 2009 and left his clinic believing he had ended her pregnancy.

Three years later, her son, Jeremiah, likes to ride his bicycle in his mom's living room and play on a toy computer.
The story goes on to note Jeremiah's mother filed a report with Michigan's Bureau of Health Professions which decided not to investigate. 

In that complaint, which Target 8 obtained, a doctor who treated McCloud after the failed abortion wrote his opinion: “that Dr. Alexander was grossly negligent in this case,” and that he could have killed her.
But records show the Board of Medicine determined that no investigation was needed.
A document titled “Board Review Sheet” explained the reason the state decided not to investigate McCloud’s complaint.
According to the document, “Appropriate evaluation of the patient was performed. She was outside the legal limit for voluntary termination of pregnancy and was informed of such by the licensee. Patient was refunded her payment. No breach of standard of care, no fraud, no unethical practice.”
So they believed the abortionist without doing an investigation or taking the time to seriously evaluate the claims of the doctor who treated McCloud after the abortion.

Shady abortionist botches abortion.  Complaints filed.  State health group does nothing. It's like Kermit Gosnell 2.0.

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