Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abortionist Lisa Harris undermines War on Women rhetoric

Nearly anytime state legislators introduce a law which will require abortion clinics to meet the requirements of other centers which provide surgery, abortion advocates howl. Pro-choice legislators rise to speak about how horrible the legislation would be if passed and would lead to back-alley abortions. Pro-choice groups claim that all or nearly all abortion clinics will be forced to close.

Here's local Planned Parenthood president Lori Lamerand on Michigan's H.B. 5711 after it passed the state legislature and was signed into law.
Planned Parenthood's leader in metro Detroit said the new law would lead to fewer choices for pregnant women. Its requirements are appropriate for invasive surgery sites but "onerous" for abortion clinics and "designed to shut them down," said Lori Lamerand, president of Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan.
But then after the legislation passes, we eventually discover that the legislation won't actually close down the majority of abortion clinics.  

Abortionist Lisa Harris, who does abortions for the Planned Parenthood Lori Lamerand runs, is now saying the restrictions probably won't affect abortion clinics.
"There are four components to the new law. The first is that health centers that provide 120 or more surgical abortions per year and advertise those abortions be licensed as free-standing surgical centers. The law does include waivers… Clinics will very likely be able to comply with this regulation. That means that women are unlikely to be directly affected by the component of the new law."
What!?!? I thought this legislation would lead to "fewer choices for pregnant women" and back-alley abortions.  I thought there was a War on Women going on and this was "the biggest assault on women's health in the state's history?"

How did the signed legislation change so much in a month?

Listen to the whole interview with Harris if you get a chance. It's incredible the number of absurd assertions an abortionist like Harris will make in a friendly setting like public radio. She acts like every abortion provider she's ever heard of has women's health as their top priority and every clinic she knows of properly disposes of fetal remains despite two Michigan abortion clinics making news for dumping bodies in dumpsters. 

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