Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Links 1/30/13

In South Carolina, an abortion advocate has been accused of trying to hit a sidewalk counselor with his car.

When asked if he hit Gasque with his car on purpose, Center replies, "No, of course not." He says Gasque and other abortion protesters have been violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, a 1994 law that makes it illegal to block or intimidate people who are trying to obtain reproductive health services or abortions. "My window was open, and I kept telling him to get out of the way, get off of clinic property," Center says. "You could tell that he was two feet inside the driveway."

The article includes a video of the incident which clearly shows Larry Center (a former abortion clinic escort) driving his car at William Gasque even though Gasque is at the left side of the driveway (from the perspective of someone exiting the clinic parking lot) and if Center weren't trying to hit Gasque, he would have used the right side of the driveway. 

In California, a man named John Collins has been charged with attempted homicide (among other crimes) after he attempted to kill an unborn child in a Target parking lot.
According to Trim, the woman got away in the damaged vehicle, but the suspect followed her to a nearby retail parking lot where the confrontation resumed.

"During that time, he armed himself with a baseball bat again," said Trim.  "And, according to the victim, swung the baseball bat, striking her in the stomach. She is seven months pregnant."

In addition to attempted homicide, Collins is charged with domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon and making death threats.

The woman was taken to a local hospital.  She and her unborn child are said to be okay.

An assemblywoman in California has taken up the mantle of "increasing access to abortion" in the state where it is arguably most accessible.  Her bill would allow non-physicians to be abortionists. 

The prolife student group at Oklahoma State is suing the university after being preventing from distributing leaflets with images of abortion. 

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