Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Abortion group leader interviewed by Salon

At Salon, Nancy Keennan, the outgoing leader of NARAL, is interviewed.  Some interesting quotes below.  

In regards to Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock and rape exceptions:
Let's keep in mind who's talking about it: They are. They want abortion banned even in the case of rape and incest. That's how extreme and out of touch they are with the American public.
This is so hilarious.  As if Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin called press conferences and made their lack of rape exceptions the foundation of their campaigns as opposed to be grilled about it by the media. 
The other side, I almost find it humorous when they say they could portray him (President Obama) as extreme when they are the extreme group here. They are the ones trying to outlaw birth control in this county. That is so out of the mainstream.
Do the leaders of the pro-choice movement actually think prolife groups are trying to outlaw birth control?  Or is this just to rile up the troops? 
As I've said to many elected officials, women hear their gods. They don't need to be listening to the gods of politicians.
Regarding how younger pro-choicers take offense when the older pro-choicers mention young people are less pro-choice or somehow less dedicated to the cause. 
I was not speaking about the young women who have committed their lives and dedicated enormous energy to this movement, men and women. I'm talking about that group of millennials out there under 30 who have not connected the personal to the political on this issue. They are a very large generation, there are about 76 million of them. They are pro-choice, but they don't put the issue of protecting this decision at the top of their list. So there is an intensity gap. If you put five pro-choice millennials in a room, probably one of them would vote their pro-choice values as a very critical factor for them, but if you put five anti-choice millennials in a room, almost two of them would vote their anti-choice values [based on our research].

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