Monday, April 27, 2009

Rev. Joel Hunter is not “completely pro-life”

CBN News has posted this statement from Reverend Joel Hunter regarding his thoughts on Obama’s first 100 days in office. Hunter writes,
As someone who is completely pro-life (concerned about the vulnerable outside the womb as well as inside the womb), I am encouraged by the vision (and budget) President Obama has cast for empowering those marginalized with the resources they need to become responsible citizens.
Hunter’s ability to call himself prolife evaporated when he claimed that the NIH Guidelines which expanded the federally funding of embryonic stem cell research “respect life from beginning to end.” I guess he’s concerned about human life outside the womb only if birth has occurred.

Hunter’s prolife credentials should take another hit after this statement to CBN News. At the end of the statement Hunter claims the Mexico City policy (not providing federal funds to the few extremely wealthy family planning organizations who provide and promote abortion internationally) had a “pro-life side to it.”
Even the overturning of the Mexico City Policy had a pro-life side to it, in that sex education, contraception and family planning almost certainly will decrease the number of abortions performed.”
Hunter, of course, hasn’t done any research to see if providing family planning funds to already-rich organizations intent on spreading abortion across the globe and in countries with prolife laws will decrease the number of abortions performed internationally.

He just thoughtlessly repeated what someone in the Obama administration told him. Just like Doug Kmiec.

That’s what parrots do.

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