Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life Links 4/21/09

Wesley Smith uses the development of a butterfly to show how human embryos are human organisms.
Let's look at the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. It is the same animal when it is a worm-like creature with many legs that it is later after it has metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly that can fly. The butterfly isn't a different individual member of that species. It is the same member of that species--it is just in a different stage of development with different capacities. When it is a caterpillar, it can eat leaves but it has no wings. Still, it has the developmental potential to fly. It isn't any less a member of its species of butterfly when it is a caterpillar than after it leaves the cocoon.

The UK's Mirror shares Coleen Nolan's abortion story.
Aborting that baby was a terrible thing to go through, and now that I have three children I sometimes think, wistfully, I could have had a 28-year-old child by now.

But I've never tortured myself with guilt because I could honestly see no alternative.

I was barely 16 and had joined my sisters in the group The Nolans.

We'd had smash hit singles, sell-out UK and Japanese tours and had this goodygoody Von Trapp image. There was no way the youngest Nolan could be caught up in a baby scandal.

A woman in India has died after slipping into a coma during an abortion.

It appears Rev. Joel Hunter has joined Doug Kmiec in a deep imbibing of the Obama Kool-Aid. He thinks the NIH Guidelines which allow the federal funding of research which requires the intentionally killing of human embryos "respect life from beginning to end." It's sad when pastors sell-out their prolife beliefs and values to gain what they think is some kind of influence on President Obama. Instead the opposite happens. Instead of changing Obama's views, their views begin to change to match and support Obama's views.

A man in Virginia has been convicted of trying to hire a hitman to kill his former girlfriend after she refused to have an abortion. From the story:
Thorne-Begland said Holliday, 29, was pregnant by Scott and that the pair worked together at a bank's customer-service center. Scott was seeing another woman with whom he worked and did not want her to find out about Holliday, Thorne-Begland said.

Scott had told Holliday repeatedly to get an abortion, but she wouldn't do it, Thorne-Begland said.....

The informant asked Scott if he should shoot her in the head, in the hope that the fetus might survive. "Shoot her in the dome, boom, boom," the man said, according to a police transcript of the conversation filed in Richmond Circuit Court.

"I don't want the baby saved, man," Scott replied.

Zach Nielsen shares the story of a couple at his church who adopted a child with hydranencephaly. The child recently died. Below is an excerpt from the child's mother.
It may be this very realization of further indwelling sin that God seeks to remedy in part through our love of Matt. I once thought we were called to care for orphans and widows in their distress because by caring for them, we would see buckets of fruit in our own lives. I now believe, we are called to selfless acts because in our attempt to selflessness, our selifishness is exposed. I am utterly incapable of selfless love apart from Christ at work in me. So, exposed and helpless in the wake of selfishness, we have no choice but to rest completely in Christ for salvation. By faith alone, we are saved. Through our attempts at "good" works, we become all the more aware of our need for salvation. Praise God that His grace and love cover us completely and instill in us the hope of heaven!

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