Friday, April 03, 2009

Contraceptives are that effective?

Speakers for Feminists for Life often point out how rare it is to see a visibly pregnant college student on campus and then argue one of the reasons for this is that women in college aren't provided with the resources they need to continue their education and their pregnancy. Which leads them either to drop out/put their education on hold or have an abortion.

In response to this, they encourage colleges and the government to provide resources to pregnant and parenting college students.

Jessica at Feministing doesn't think the absence of visibly pregnant college students is a problem because of contraception.
Apparently it didn't occur to Shablin that college students may be using contraception, and that's why there are "no children." Of course, the folks at Feminists for Life (and other anti-choice organizations) tend to think of birth control as abortion, so perhaps Shablin knew exactly what she was saying.
Besides the false accusation that FFL thinks birth control = abortion, can Jessica really believe contraceptives prevent all pregnancies for all college women?

Is there some new contraceptive I haven't heard of which works 100% of the time and is used 100% effectively every time by every woman in college?

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