Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Links 4/23/09

Here’s the New York Times editorial on the NIH’s stem cell draft guidelines. They’re disappointed funding wasn’t made available for research on cell lines derived from cloned human embryos.

American United for Life have published their legislative summary/guide entitled Defending Life 2009.

Robert Carlson, formerly the bishop of Saginaw and a strong voice for the unborn has been appointed to replace Raymond Burke (another strong voice for the unborn) as the archbishop of St. Louis. I’m sorry to see him leave my state but I hope he’ll be able to do more in his new position.
Archbishop-elect Carlson has been outspoken in the area of life issues, particularly abortion. In 2003, he had a well-publicized dispute with Sen. Tom Daschle of South Dakota about Daschle’s positions on abortion. The archbishop-elect said at a press conference April 22 that the matter was intended to be a private one.

In November 2008, he issued a statement on the election of President Barack Obama, noting that “this moment in American history also comes with many setbacks in the continuing struggle to protect the rights and dignity of all people, especially the unborn.”

In that statement, he also spoke out against the passage of Proposal 2, a state constitutional amendment that protects human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research and allows government funding of stem-cell research.

“The culture has chosen to reject the matters that are nearest and dearest to the Catholic heart,” he wrote. “Therefore, our witness must grow stronger.”

A man in Nebraska was arrested after blocking the path of truck with graphic photos of aborted children.

Today is the day Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will either sign or veto late-term abortion legislation in Kansas. If she doesn’t sign it or veto it, the bill will became law.

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