Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life Links 8/28/08

Another cell reprogramming breakthrough is in the news. This time Harvard researchers used gene reprogramming to change one type of mice cell into another without reverting the original cell back to a pluripotent stem cell state. They used this technique to treat mice with diabetes. Another nail in the coffin of the claim that "embryonic stem cell offer the best hope."

Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to defend her pro-choice position in light of her Catholic faith continues to draw criticism from Catholic leaders and theologians.

Why was James Bopp, Jr. (he’s National Right to Life’s lawyer) opposed to changing the Republican party platform to make the platform be against killing human embryos for research? (Note: I disagree with Spruiell’s concluding assessment of the new language - the language doesn’t state opposition to research on embryonic stem cells, it states opposition to research on human embryos. This would make the Republican platform identical to Michigan’s current law which prevent killing human embryos for research but doesn’t ban human embryonic stem cell research.) UPDATE: Spruiell clears up some of Bopp's reasoning in subsequent post. Bopp was supposedly against the language because it could possibly mean the GOP was against experiments designed to help human embryos. However, staffers at the Family Research Council aren't buying it.

M.Z. Hemingway has a piece on the Democrats for Life at the Democratic National Convention and the Democratic Party Platform on abortion which I think provides a good idea of how hard it must be to be prolife Democrat.

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