Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Links 8/25/08

According to an Indian news web site, the family of a murdered woman is accusing her in-laws of strangling her because she refused to abort her unborn daughter.

A woman in California has been charged with attempted murder after dumping her infant daughter in a garbage bin outside her home. The newborn child was found by her 11-year-old sister.

The McCain camp used his radio address to mention Barack Obama’s position on the Born Alive legislation. Jennifer Rubin has the text.

Pastor Rick Warren isn’t buying the “evangelical vote is up for grabs” storyline.
But there is a misunderstanding by the media, says Mr. Warren. "A lot of people hear [about a broader agenda] and they think, 'Oh, evangelicals are giving up on believing that life begins at conception,'" he explains. "They're not giving up on that at all. Not at all."

Andrew Sullivan links to the blog (language warning) of a woman who is planning on having an abortion at Planned Parenthood in the near future.

Hadley Arkes (the architect of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act) writes about Obama opposition to the Born Alive legislation in Illinois.
The National Abortion Rights Action League saw at once the principle that lay at the heart of the bill, which is why they opposed it when it was introduced in July 2000. Barack Obama saw precisely what those activists saw. He voted against the Born-Alive Act, as he said, because he thought it would threaten, down the line, the right to abortion. But there lies the depth of his radicalism. For the sake of protecting that right to abortion, for any reason, he was willing to withdraw even the protection usually offered by the law for children born alive. The one exception would be: the children marked for abortion. For Obama, the right to abortion is nothing less than the right to an “effective abortion” or a dead child. For all of his nimbleness and his Ivy League bearing, that is the unlovely truth of his position; the truth that the media cannot quite grasp or report.

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