Friday, August 15, 2008

Life Links 8/15/08

The Wall Street Journal's John Fund writes about Obama's misrepresentation of his votes against Illinois' Born Alive legislation.

Meanwhile, Jill Stanek notes that Obama's campaign hasn't come up with a new defense for documents showing Obama voted against legislation which was virtually identical to the national legislation.

Frances Kissling, formerly of Catholics for a Free Choice, disputes Jim Wallis' claims that the new language in the Democratic Party's platform is somehow an achievement for prolife Democrats. Her reasoning behind why Wallis is "spinning" this document doesn't make any sense (it's more likely the spinning has to do with not wanting to look like a complete failure) but I think she's right in pointing out this document is hardly a "historic step forward" for progressive prolifers.

Rekha Basu, a columnist for the Des Moines Register, writes a column on ALS and shows how utterly ignorant and lazy some journalists are regarding stem cell research.
With so little to go on, the 5,600 people diagnosed every year know only that it is a death sentence. There are clinical trials but, so far, nothing promising. There's the prospect of embryonic stem-cell surgery - once the ban on federal research on it is lifted.

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