Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life Links 8/19/08

National Review and David Limbaugh both urge John McCain not to pick a pro-choice running mate. David Limbaugh goes so far to call the pick of a pro-choice vice-presidential candidate "political suicide." The McCain campaign has supposedly been testing the waters by floating this idea by key Republican in various states.

Rich Lowry has a column Obama's extremism and his "mistatement" on his Born Alive votes:
Asked by Pastor Rick Warren when a baby gets rights, Obama said, “I’m absolutely convinced that there is a moral and ethical element to this issue.” This is a crashing banality couched as thoughtfulness. If Obama is so sensitive to the moral element of the issue, why does he want to eliminate any existing restrictions on the procedure?

In 2007, Obama told the Planned Parenthood Action Fund that the Freedom of Choice Act would be the first piece of legislation that he would sign as president. The act would not only codify Roe v. Wade, but wipe out all current federal, state and local restrictions on abortion that pass muster under Roe, including the Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding of abortion. This is not the legislative priority of a man keenly attuned to the moral implications of abortion.
On the Born Alive legislation controversy:
Confronted about this on CBN, he said the pro-life group was lying. But his campaign has now admitted that he had the legislative history wrong. Obama either didn’t know his own record, or was so accustomed to shrouding it in dishonesty that it had become second nature.

National Right to Life has updated their web page on Obama's attempt to cover-up his Born Alive votes.

The Wall Street Journal has an article on plastic surgeons using stem cells in cosmetic breast surgery.

Canadian and American researchers have used stem cells from human menstrual blood to treat mice whose legs had blocked blood vessels and tied nerves.

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