Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So much for Stanford

Stanford student Alicia DeSantola has a piece in the Stanford Progressive called "The Real Pro-life Movement" which almost makes me feel bad for pro-choice college students if this is the kind of ignorance they are filled with.

The premise of Alicia's column is that pro-choice Democrats (you know the ones in favor of legal abortion, tax dollars paying for abortions, etc.) are actual the real "prolifers."

Alicia claims that "the Democratic Party is quietly working to ensure that abortion is safe, legal, and nonexistent." Nonexistent? That's new, no?

She then ignorantly claims, "During the Reagan era, the hallmark of "pro-life" policies, the number of annual abortions increased by 70,000. Similarly, during all but one year of the first Bush administration, abortion occurrences rose dramatically."

Alicia obviously has a very limited knowledge of prolife laws and policies. The Reagan era was hardly the "hallmark" of prolife policies. Most current prolife laws weren't passed until after the Supreme Court's decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey so during Reagan's presidency there weren't a whole lot of prolife policies enacted. She's also wrong about the first Bush presidency. According to the CDC, the number of abortions performed in America dropped in two of the four years he was in office.

Alicia does mention one policy from the Reagan era (the Mexico City Policy) but she seemingly has absolutely no clue what that policy actually does.
"These figures are no coincidence. Presidents Reagan and Bush, pandering to their religious conservative base, both endorsed abstinence-only programs in high schools. Combined with the "Mexico City policy" of refusing to fund non-governmental family planning organizations which offer abortion counseling, these policies contributed to a general lack of sexual education in the American population."

Unfortunately, Alicia seems to be unaware that the Mexico City policy has nothing to do with family planning and sex education in the United States. It deals with the U.S. government giving funds to international family planning groups. The United States government did and does give a bunch of money to family planning organizations such as Planned Planned which are involved with abortion.
Countless times conservatives have presented the argument that every unwanted child can be raised in a loving home. Of course every child deserves to be loved. However, if abortion foes win an outright ban, our already overloaded foster care system would reach breaking point.

Alicia's evidence that South Dakota's foster care system would reach a breaking point if the approximately 800 abortions performed there annually didn't exist?.... Cricket chirping....more crickets.......

Is it me or do some pro-choicers have no idea where foster children come from? It's like they think every child in the foster care system was born into the foster care system. And that any newborn child up for adoption will spend the rest of their life in foster care.

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