Thursday, April 27, 2006

Events in Michigan this week

This week has been a big week for life issues in Michigan.

On Tuesday, a variety of pro-choice groups sponsored a pro-choice rally at the state capitol which included a speech by Governor Jennifer Granholm. You can watch clips of the Michigan March for Choice Rally at a web site created for the rally. A variety of prolife college students protested this rally. You can see a prolife sign saying "Women Need Love, Not Abortion" in the left hand side of a picture at the Lansing State-Journal.

On Wednesday, Right to Life of Michigan held its annual Legislative Day in Lansing. At this event, prolifers (including myself) learned about a variety of prolife bills which are making their way thru the legislature and were encouraged to lobby their legislators whom joined them during lunch. Dr. David Prentice, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at the Family Research Council and founding member of Do No Harm spoke about stem cell research and I think he did a good job of explaining the basic of the research, some of the great things that adult stem cell research has done and explaining the ethical and scientific problems with embryonic stem cells.

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