Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Life Links 4/12/06

Jill Stanek on Cecelia Fire Thunder's promise of a Planned Parenthood on her tribe's land. Sounds like Ms. Fire Thunder has a nice little personal fund raising scam in the works.

Wesley Smith dissects this column by Froma Harrop on futile care.

Dawn Eden links to the blog of a physician's assistant named Mike who works at Planned Parenthood in California. Mike says,
"so i'm totally hating my job at planned parenthood. the philosophy behind the mission of planned parenthood is totally incongruent with the way medicine is actually practiced at the affliates i've worked for thus far. the way the clinics are run is totally not based on patient care. they seem more based upon volume of patients seen on a daily basis.

the expectation is to see 40 patients in an eight hour shift. meaning at most i can give a patient 10 minutes of my time. that truly is unreal. i've learned to do the bare minimum for my patients, practicing shortcuts and excluding some extra care i would normally like to give my patients. this is not the type of care i really want to give to my patients but it essentially is the type of care planned parenthood has molded me into giving;"

Matthew Eppinette calls out Ronald Bailey's fantasy world where science cures and saves all.

Robert Nagel in the Weekly Standard on the U.S. Supreme Court and precedents.

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