Monday, March 20, 2006

When is it safe again?

It's nice to see that Planned Parenthood has finally decided to stop telling women to take the second drug of the RU-486 cocktail vaginally instead of orally. All it took was for a couple more women to die and their deaths to receive headlines. They've also updated the Medication Abortion section of their web site. Via the magic of the Way Back Machine, we can see what Planned Parenthood's web page said about Medication Abortion about a year ago. It used to say "63 days" was safe, now's it's down to "56 days." The rate of effectiveness has also changed (gotten better) over time.

They've also updated one of their "fact sheets" on medical abortion. What once was "63 days" has again been changed to "56 days."

I wonder how many more deaths it will take until the number drops to 49 days?

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