Thursday, March 30, 2006

Going after Ramesh

Plenty of bloggers are pre-emptively going after Ramesh Ponnuru and his upcoming book, The Party of Death.

What's interesting is the complete and utter weakness of their lame attacks. They claim that Ramesh's book was edited by Red State's Ben Domenech, who recently resigned from his Washington Post blog after it was discovered that he plagiarized the work of others for a variety of articles.

The question is: What does Domenech's past plagiarism have do with Ramesh's book (which they haven't read) and Ramesh (who was unaware of Domenech's past plagiarism)? Should Ramesh and his book take the fall because Domenech plagiarized? Is Ramesh's book going to be poor and filled with thoughtless arguments simply because Domenech may have edited it?

They also don't like Ramesh's publisher and think that "Party of Death" refers to Democrats.

Ramesh has responded to one of the pro-choice bloggers.
"I explain in the book what I mean and don't mean by the title phrase. It doesn't mean "the Democrats," although the book is tough on the Democrats. (I didn't write the flap copy.) It certainly doesn't mean that Democrats like to kill people...."

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